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Web developer

BBEdit + JavaScript + Ctags

After some trial and error, I finally got BBEdit to play nicely with Exuberant Ctags to expose the Find Definition functionality. This feature comes in especially handy as your project grows and you need to quickly look up the definition of various methods and functions without breaking your mental flow to go look them up manually.

Since BBEdit comes bundled with a version of Ctags, all you need to install are BBEdit’s command line tools via BBEdit > Install Command Line Tools… (in addition to BBEdit, of course).

Unfortunately, Ctags doesn’t work very well with JavaScript out of the box, so you’ll need to create a .ctags file and place it in your home directory with the contents of the following Gist (via Jan Larres):

Next, download Maketags.applescript (via Andrew Carter) and place it in your BBEdit Scripts folder. By default...

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